Loor a Deus forom cantar

This program of praise (praise) is made up of, on the one hand, a selection of Cantigas de Santa María (named as CSM and their numbering according to the El Escorial Codex) and, on the other hand, three pieces from the Gregorian repertoire belonging to the Liber Usualis. The choice of these cantigas is given for having a text related to the praise of God or the Virgin.

At the beginning of the concert we always make a brief explanation of the instruments that we use and the main characteristics of the repertoire that we will interpret, thus seeking a greater understanding and enjoyment of it through the contextualization of the pieces.

* Plainchant (Liber Usualis)

Ecce nomen Domini

* Cantigas de Santa María (CSM), Alfonso X “El Sabio”

CSM 1 ~ Des oge mais quér’ éu trobar
CSM 60 ~ Entre Av’ e Éva
CSM 100 ~ Santa Maria Strella do Dia
CSM 223 ~ Todos los coitados que queren saúde

​* Plainchant (Liber Usualis)

Verbum caro factum est

​* Cantigas de Santa María (CSM) , Alfonso X “El Sabio”

CSM 325 ~ Con dereito a Virgen Santa
CSM 80 ~ De graça chea e d’amor
CSM 70 ~ Eno nome de María
CSM 120 ~ Quantos me crevéren loarán

​* Plainchant (Liber Usualis)

Puer natus in Bethlehem



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