C’aisi vauc entrebescant
Los motz e·l so afinant:
Es en la baizada.

Bernart Marti

And so I interwine
Words and sound in tune,
as tongues intertwine
in a kiss.

Bernart Marti

Entrebescant brings together five young performers and researchers united by their interest in medieval and traditional Spanish heritage. Sacred works, court music and traditional songs and dances are ‘intertwined’ with songs, romances, biographies or chronicles. With the sound of their instruments, historical or traditional, their voices, and the use of medieval Iberian languages, Entrebescant tells stories from a different time, in a concert that aims to be a space of mediation for the dissemination and vindication of historical patrimonies.

Entrebescant en Pliegos Ecos2023. La Cholepa


Founded in 2015 as a study group at the conservatory, Entrebescant is, since 2020, an ensemble of musicians and musicologists specialized in medieval and traditional Iberian repertoire. During 2023, we have been selected for several calls for emerging ensembles in Spain: AIEenRuta, EcosLabs – Festival de Música Antigua de Sierra Espuña, Early Music Morella FRINGE, Dinamizartj and Música en los Museos Nacionales de España (Musae). We have also appeared twice on Radio Clásica’s ‘Andante con moto’.

Our activity as researchers and our dedication to medieval and traditional repertoires gives us access to a multitude of sources that allow us to approach forgotten repertoires. We look at the medieval period through its music and tales, with the aim of showing situations that we believe are still relevant. We try to bring to our days characters from remote times whose lives provoke reflections for the present.

Alaia Belaunzaran, Livia Camprubí, Bea Peña, Pablo F. Cantalapiedra and Víctor Gallego bring together in this proposal our dedication to historical and traditional music with our taste for history and early literature. We have among us two researchers in the medieval music area at the Complutense University, a singer and philologist with a great passion for traditional music, a harpist who specializes in historical harps and a percussionist who collaborates with many ensembles dedicated to early and traditional music. This allows us to explore oral and written traditions, giving voice to sounds and stories silenced by time.


Beatriz Peña

Voice, hurdy-gurdy, percusion

Pablo Entrebescant

Pablo F. Cantalapiedra

Flutes, percussion, voice

Victor individual

Victor Gallego

Percussion, voice

Livia Entrebescant

Livia Camprubí

Medieval fiddle, rebec, voice

Alaia Entrebescant

Alaia Belaunzaran

Harp, voice

Grupo Entrebescant
Musicians forming part of the ensemble:

Guillermo Masiá

​César Viana

Celia Buil

Jacqueline Bordón Arbelo

Saray Almazán

​Carmen Alba Batanero

Ana Nicolás de Cabo

Salvador Hernández Diaz

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