Letra Capital de Entrebescant ensemble

C’aisi vauc entrebescant
Los motz e·l so afinant:
Es en la baizada.

Bernart Marti


Que así voy entrelazando
Las palabras y el sonido afinando,
como se entrelazan las lenguas
en un beso.

Entrebescant Ensemble project started in Madrid in January 2015 with the aim of approaching a repertoire of the Middle Ages. Thus, each of the pieces of the repertoire has the instruments that most adapt to the musical customs of the time, with a wide variety of instruments: different types of flutes, rebec, oud, harp, percussions… and also voice. The group makes its own transcriptions of the musical manuscripts and offers versions of the interpreted pieces.

The group debuted in July 2015 with an instrumental and vocal program focused on Italian, French and Spanish music from the second half of the 13th century. At the end of the same year Entrebescant presented a program based on music in Al-Ándalus.

In 2016, they began to go deeper into the peninsular repertoire (especially the one between the 11th and 13th centuries), interpreting the full cycle of the “Cantigas de Vigo” of the galician trovador Martin Codax and expanding the repertoire of “Cantigas de Santa Maria”. They closed in 2016 presenting a new program of loor to the Virgin, formed by the so-called “cantigas de loor” of the Cantigas of Santa Maria and a selection of pieces of gregorian chant.

In 2017, the ensemble experienced several changes, incorporating new musicians.

In 2018 the ensemble made a concert tour for Spain and Portugal, focusing mainly on two programs: galaico- portuguese Cantigas and musical Influences on the Peninsula. In April of that same year, they made a recording of “Cantigas de Santa Maria” in the castle of Espeluy (Jaén).

Today, Entrebscant Ensemble is working on the development of new programs, transcribing and selecting music from the Iberian Peninsula and Occitania.

​Entrebescant ensemble has performed in different venues in Madrid, such as the CCIC La Tortuga, parroquia de San Pedro Mártir, parroquia de San Fermín, la Casa de la Comunidad Valenciana and iglesia del Antiguo Convento (Boadilla del Monte; Likewise, they has performed concerts in different churches of Andalucia such as, iglesia de San Alberto (Sevilla), iglesia de San Román and Santa Catalina (Sevilla), iglesia de Santa Catalina (Espeluy, Jaén) and in the antigua iglesia de San Juan (Grazalema, Cádiz).

In they work in musical pedagogy, highlights they performances in various cultural festivals and cycles, such as the ALer+ na Espjal of E.S. cycle. Professor José Lucas (Lisbon), the Cultural Festival of the Casa de Andalucía in Alcorcón (Madrid), the Matinées cycle of the Club Matador (Madrid) and the charity festivals organized by the Parish of San Fermin (Madrid), among others.

Grupo Entrebescant ensemble

Musicians forming part of the ensemble

Saray Almazán – flutes, percussion, voice

Alaia Belaunzaran – harp, voice

Livia Camprubí – rebec, voice

Guillermo Masiá – percussion, voice

Musicians who collaborate with the ensemble

Víctor Gallego –  percussion, voice

Pablo F. Cantalapiedra – percussion, flutes and voice

Ana Nicolás de Cabo – percussion and voice

Jacqueline Bordón Arbelo – flutes and voice

Musicians who have been part of the ensemble

César Viana – oud, harp, recorde, voice

Carmen Alba Batanero – percussions and voice

Celia Buil – rebec

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