Didactic concerts

Our didactic concerts are aimed at secondary school students, high school students and professional conservatories, where the syllabus includes the study of medieval poetry and music. It is an activity that brings together different branches of the arts and humanities: history, literature, art, etc. For this purpose, we have prepared two different concerts:

With the programme Music in Al-Andalus, we portray through music, the historical and cultural panorama of the medieval Iberian Peninsula. Through Arab, Sephardic and Christian songs, we explore the everyday life of these three cultures and highlight the links and disconnections between them.

Our next proposal is based on the “Cantar del Mío Cid”, the first extensive narrative work of Spanish literature in a Romance language. Through El Cantar del Destierro we narrate the first part of the cantar from the exile of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar to the conquest of Alcocer, interspersed with music from the period and traditional Castilian songs.

Moreover, in both didactic concerts, the audience not only participates as listeners, but also as active members through different activities that allow them to make direct contact with this music.

We want to familiarise the students with:

  • The different medieval sonorities
  • Medieval instruments and their history
  • The traditional Iberian repertoire
  • Medieval Castilian
  • The medieval history of the Iberian Peninsul

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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