Pedagogical concerts

Our didactic concerts are aimed at those students of high school, and professional conservatories, where the subject includes the study of poetry and medieval music. It’s an
activity where different branches of arts and humanities come together: history, literature, art, etc.

What is it about?

At the beginning of the concert, a brief historical context of the Peninsula will be made in times of al-Ándalus and the main musical features of the time (instruments used, cultivated genres, etc.)

Later, the main aspects of Cantiga form will be explained using examples of the Cantigas of devotion, miracles or love themes collected by Alfonso X and composed by the trovador Martin Codax.

After the explanations and interpretation of the Cantigas, if time permits, a Question Time will be opened so that students can express their doubts or curiosities about the subject.

Concierto didactico



* Cantigas de Santa María de Alfonso X “El Sabio” (manuscrito de El Escorial), siglo XIII

CSM 100 ~ Santa Maria Strela Do Día
CSM 1 ~ Des oge mais quer eu trobar
CSM 291 ~ Cantand´ e muitas guisas

* Cantigas de Amigo de Martín Codax (Pergamino de Vindel), s. XIII- XIV

Ondas do mar do Vigo
Mia irmana flemosa



[approximate duration: 60 min.]

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